Outgoing mail servers

The most common SMTP mail servers

ADSL Router Settings in South Africa

VPI: 8

VCI: 35

LLC: LLC-Based

The most common Outgoing servers in South Africa:

In order to assist our clients to configure there outgoing mail servers on there computers.

These server types should work for most types of internet conections in South Africa.

We have compiled a list of the most common outgoing server types.


All outgoing mail servers in South Africa use port 25 unless otherwise specified.

Telkom Outgoing Servers

  • For Telkom ADSL, smtp outgoing server is smtp.dsl.telkomsa.net, smtp.saix.net or smtp.saix.co.za
  • For Telkom Mobile (LTE), smtp outgoing server is smtp.uls.co.za
  • For Telkom Mobile (8TA), smtp outgoing server is smtp.dsl.telkomsa.net, smtp.saix.net or smtp.saix.co.za
  • For Telkom Analogue Dial Up, smtp outgoing server is smtp.dsl.telkomsa.net, smtp.saix.net or smtp.saix.co.za

Microsoft Outgoing Servers

  • For OUTLOOK.COM, outgoing server is smtp.live.com or smtp-mail.outlook.com on Port 587 (SSL/TLS enabled)
  • For OFFICE 365, outgoing server is smtp.office365.com on Port 587 (SSL/TLS enabled)

Mobile Provider Outgoing Servers

  • For MTN 3G, the outgoing server is mail.mtn.co.za
  • For Cell C the outgoing server is mail.cmobile.co.za or smtp.cellc.co.za
  • For Iburst, outgoing server is smtp.iburst.co.za
  • For Vodacom 3G, outgoing server is smtp.vodacom.co.za or smtp.vodamail.co.za
  • For Goggaconnect outgoing server is smtp.vodacom.co.za or smtp.vodamail.co.za

Internet Solutions Outgoing Servers

  • For I.S. ADSL the outgoing server is smtp.isdsl.net
  • For I.S. 3G the outgoing server is smtp.isgsm.net or smtp.dial-up.net

ISP Outgoing Servers

  • For MWEB ADSL, outgoing server is smtp.mweb.co.za or smtp.mweb.net
  • For ABSA, outgoing server is smtp.absamail.co.za or mail.absa.co.za
  • For @lantic smtp (ADSL, ISDN): smtp.lantic.net
  • For Wirulink, outgoing server is smtp.wiru.co.za
  • For Nexus ADSL : smtp.isdsl.net
  • For NetActive (ADSL, ISDN) : smtp.netactive.co.za
  • For Polka (ADSL, ISDN) : smtp.polka.co.za
  • For Web Africa (ADSL, ISDN) : smtp.wa.co.za
  • For Afrihost (ADSL, ISDN) use smtp.afrihost.co.za
  • For Vox : smtp.voxtelecom.co.za or smtp.lantic.net
  • For Cybersmart : smtpauth2.cybersmart.co.za or smtp.cybersmart.co.za
  • For Axxess : smtp.axxess.co.za or smtp.isdsl.net
  • For Neotel – smtp.neomail.co.za or smtp.neotel.co.za
  • For Tiscali, smtp.tiscali.co.za
  • For Global, smtp.global.co.za
  • For Sentech : smtp.sentech.co.za
  • For YahClick Satellite connections : smtp.datapro.co.za
  • For Nokia/OVI : smtp.mail.ovi.com or smtp.mail.yahoo.com
  • For About IT Online : smtp.aboutitonline.co.za or smtp.isdsl.net

Incomming mail servers

For office 365 – outlook.office365.com

To set up your e-mail on our server use the following settings:

Email Address: you@yourdomain.co.za

Incoming (POP) server: mail.yourdomain.co.za

Outgoing (SMTP) server: smtp.your-domain.com

Account / User Name: you@yourdomain.co.za

SMTP Authentication: On (same Username as POP)

SMTP Port: 587

In order to set Gmail up on your computer

Using Gmail Outgoing Server with any email address
Google’s SMTP server requires authentication, so here’s how to set it up:

  • SMTP server (outgoing mail): smtp.gmail.com
  • SMTP username: Your full Gmail address (e.g. example@gmail.com)
  • SMTP password: Your Gmail password
  • SMTP port: 465
  • SMTP TLS/SSL required: yes