What are the differences between WordPress, Joomal and Drupal




Joomla Drupal
Cost Free Free Free
Usage 311,682 million 26,474 million 31,216 million
Free Themes 4,000+ 1,000+ 2,000+
Free Plugins 45,000+ 7,000+ 34,000+
Pros Customizable, easy to use, tons of learning resources, excellent community & support Easy to learn, great help portal, can be used for social networks, updates integrate seamlessly, more built-in options More technically advanced, websites generally perform better, enterprise-level security
Cons Needs code for major visual customizations, updates may cause issues with plugins Modules are hard to maintain, middle-ground CMS (not as easy as WordPress, not as advanced as Drupal) Users need basic knowledge of HTML, PHP, and other web development languages