Graphic designing

Graphic Design

The Red Studio can bring your ideas and concepts to life with our graphic design services.  Whether it’s creating custom icons or gravatars, making some fun wall art, or designing the prefect business card, brochure, or stationary, The Studio has you covered.  Our creative professionals will consult with you on your project and develop some rough mock-ups of your idea or concept, which can then be tweaked and edited to a final draft.  Contact Us to discuss your project today!


Corporate Identity                            Catalogues

PowerPoint Presentations                Business Cards

Magazines                                          Newsletters

Book Covers                                       Logos

Manuals                                              Stationery

Brochures                                            Flyers

Corporate Folders                              Posters

Calendars                                            Billboards

Coffee Table Books                            Fillable Forms

Folder Inserts                                     Booklets

Diaries                                                 Notepads

Packaging                                            Banners

Emailers                                               Digital Advert


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The Red Studio can take your images and edit or alter them to be just what you want!  We can remove objects from a photo, add objects, people, and other elements into a photo, brighten and adjust color, exposure, details, shadows, and saturation, and do many other edits and alterations.  Contact Us today and tell us about your editing project!